Live from Dubai: Real-time Rough Diamonds Tender

Live Tender from TAGS Dubai.

A chance to learn about TAGS and their work & services, and have an opportunity to see the magic of selling rough diamonds.


Established in 2017, Trans Atlantic Gem Sales (TAGS) is a world leading rough diamond sales solution.

As the first rough diamond tender company to begin operations in Dubai, TAGS has been a key player in establishing Dubai as the leading global centre for rough diamond trading.

Our mission is to deliver the most effective, efficient and transparent sales and distribution model for rough diamonds.

Our integrity, reputation, and transparency is protected at all cost and valued highly by the industry.


TAGS provide an efficient and cost-effective route to market, through an active global clientele of more than 500 companies.

Appointment bookings, allocation of viewing rooms, import/export of rough, deep boiling, presentation and labelling of goods, through to invoicing and collection of funds provide a complete marketing solution managed by TAGS.

Where required TAGS can provide full sorting and valuation services utilising a dedicated team of highly experienced sorters based in Dubai.

Through in-depth customer understanding, TAGS management can match goods to the requirements of its manufacturers from a global customer base.

TAGS offers official company branding for Producers and Mines to launch their product while maintaining their brand

Post sales, producers/suppliers are provided with a detailed report and analysis of bidding patterns, providing them with valuable insights.


Located within the Dubai Diamond Exchange, TAGS utilise their own Tender facility incorporating strict security measures, including vault room and multiple safes compliant with all insurance requirements.

All 22 fully equipped viewing rooms are fitted with security cameras.

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September 26, 2022

Location: Dubai