Fancy World of Bruno Scarselli

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For more than 50 years
Scarselli Diamonds has provided the world’s most exquisite,
natural colored diamonds to diamond connoisseurs.



The Scarselli Family

In the twentieth century Italy, the Scarselli family hand selected diamonds for their extraordinary rings, necklaces and accessories. Their reputation as diamond experts grew and Scarselli flourished in Italy and throughout Europe.

In 1955, Scarselli was introduced to America and for the last half century the second and third generation of Scarsellis have been producing and selling some of the world’s highest quality yellow, blue and pink diamonds available on the market.

Known worldwide for three generations as masters in the art of colored diamonds, they possess an extensive inventory of special and unique stones in all colors, shapes and sizes as well as their, much sought after, signature jewelry pieces.

January 9, 2023

-January 9, 2023

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