Diamond Networking Trip Dubai

The third edition of the diamond gathering in Dubai, connecting mining vs. investment.


How to Source Diamonds Ethically from Sierra Leone

Listen to our LIVE sessions about diamond lovers, professionals and gurus and understand the diamond industry from the brilliant sources who will share brilliant thoughts and make our investment decisions, going to Africa or buying a piece of jewellery best decision of our lives.

Things you Did not know about Sierra Leone

1. It is one of the world’s biggest producers of diamonds

In 2017, Sierra Leone produced nearly 450 000 carats of diamonds, making it the world’s eighth-biggest producer. Other minerals mined in Sierra Leone include gold, rutile, iron ore, and bauxite. The largest alluvial diamond ever discovered was found in the country in 1972.

2. It was initially a colony for freed slaves

In the late 18th century, Sierra Leone (then called the Province of Freedom) was established as a place for freed slaves from the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. The new settlers established Freetown, which is today the capital. Descendants of the freed slaves account for only two percent of the population, but they are influential in many facets of the country’s life. Liberia, one of Sierra Leone’s neighbours, was also started as a colony for freed slaves from North America.

3. The country is named after a lion

The country’s name is a corrupted version of “Serra de Leão”, which means “Lioness Mountains” in Portuguese, and describes the unique shape of the hills around Freetown.

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Fancy World of Bruno Scarselli

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For more than 50 years
Scarselli Diamonds has provided the world’s most exquisite,
natural colored diamonds to diamond connoisseurs.



The Scarselli Family

In the twentieth century Italy, the Scarselli family hand selected diamonds for their extraordinary rings, necklaces and accessories. Their reputation as diamond experts grew and Scarselli flourished in Italy and throughout Europe.

In 1955, Scarselli was introduced to America and for the last half century the second and third generation of Scarsellis have been producing and selling some of the world’s highest quality yellow, blue and pink diamonds available on the market.

Known worldwide for three generations as masters in the art of colored diamonds, they possess an extensive inventory of special and unique stones in all colors, shapes and sizes as well as their, much sought after, signature jewelry pieces.



From Mine to Market - IIG Course


Short course with digital certificate in cooperation with International Institute of Gemology.

What is a DIAMOND?


  • Diamond formed in the depths of the earth for millions of years, diamonds underwent through immense heat, pressure, and other formidable conditions on their way to market. 
  • They are the hardest of all gemstones.
  • Their special characteristics have made diamonds a worldwide symbol of beautyendurance, and romance.
  • A finished diamond with no defects is extremely rare and highly valuable. 
  • Diamonds arrive at your local retail store through a lengthy and demanding process

Short course to provide you with basic knowledge of the diamond pipeline, from mine to market.

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Diamond Investors Trip Angola

Learn about Angola. Angolan culture, nature, food, and people.

Find your next big investment opportunity in the diamond sector.

Visit diamond mines.

Understand the current and plans of the Angolan diamond industry.

Meet the right people. Make important connections.

Finally, it is time to dive into the secrets of diamonds were all begun, in Africa.

Don’t miss Angola, a key player in the Worldwide diamond industry.




Diamond Networking Trip Dubai

Build Your Business with us Diamond Networking Trips are made exclusively for diamondprenuers. DNTs will profile you, and your brand and take your idea or business to a higher level. You will be able to connect, understand, learn and find solutions. It is time to create your Space in the World. Time to be Brilliant. Learn about international diamond markets. Grow your business and yourself. Connect with other like-minded diamondprenuers.  Share your story through DDC. Meet with matching partners. Visit real-time tender in the DMCC building. Meet one of the rare diamond funds to understand how financing works. Visit a cutting unit in Dubai. Learn about new trends in the diamond industry. Visit Dubai. Feel the power of this Futuristic City. Be part of the leading Diamond Hub in the World! Connect. Immerse. Shine. Become a business person ready to conquer the World. Inspire. From Dust to Stars. The future is Now.

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