DiaMondaine Diamantaires Club: Fostering cross-industry networking, ethical sourcing and transparency

The diamond industry had been promoting a culture of ethical sourcing and transparency as studies have time and again revealed that consumers, particularly the younger generation, are increasingly concerned about such matters.

DiaMondaine Diamantaires Club founder, Agnes Abdulahu told Rough&Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa that she established the club to promote industry networking and diamond provenance.

She said as part of her drive, DDC would convene its first event in Dubai in November with a special focus on three African countries namely, Angola, Liberia, and Zimbabwe.

The one-day event would be graced by some members of the royal family in Dubai and the chairperson of the African Diamond Council.

Below are excerpts of the interview.

What is the DiaMondaine Diamond Club?

DiaMondaine Diamantaires Club (DDC) is inspired by passionate diamond industry professionals aiming to devise and offer valuable direction for the international diamond trade.

We, at DDC, strongly believe that greater efforts to improve cross-industry networking, raise awareness, encourage ethical sourcing, and promote industry transparency by introducing sales concepts will unquestionably lead to a level of sustainability that we have never seen before.

What drove you to establish this club?

Diamond Industry needs more integrity, more networking, and a more controlled system of investing in the diamond business.

Diamond Industry professionals need more expertise, education, and better comprehension of the entire pipeline to be successful in what they do.

My love, passion, and desire to change things [positively].

Who are your members?

Members are diamond producers, miners, mining companies, exploration companies, and technology companies, and on the other side, we have investors willing to invest in the diamond mining sector.

You will convene your first event in Dubai later this year with a focus on Africa, what is the main objective of this event?


The highly anticipated event will take place at Almas Tower inside Dubai’s Multi Commodity Centre (DMCC) and is set for November 7th, 2022.

DDC shall make every effort to spotlight the bona fide opportunities that African diamond-producing nations have on offer and we are determined to add value to our desire to positively impact the global diamond industry.

Diamond concession holders need willing investors and highly skilled technical partners to unlock the full potential of the African diamond journey from mine to end consumer.

On the flip side, we fully understand that foreign investors and potential partners do require a more reassuring apparatus that is designed to supply direction as well as peace of mind to validate successful project implementation. We understand the complexities that hinder progress in the African diamond mining industry and we are prepared to extend the desired level of understanding until we are convinced that there is increasing comprehension on all sides.

The zestfulness presently being exhibited for the launch of this annual occurrence not only stands to serve as DDC’s flagship event but additionally aims to bestow innovative solutions for hopeless diamond miners, reluctant financiers, developing Diamantaires, and attentive administrators within the trade’s public & private sector. We are dedicating this event to African diamond producers, innovators, and entrepreneurs to secure partners and offer solutions to those who make every effort to get operations underway.

What would be the role of the Trans Atlantic Gem Sales and African Diamond Council during the conference?


DDC is partnering with Trans Atlantic Gem Sales (TAGS), a world-leading rough diamond tender and auction house that brings unique & extensive rough diamond industry experience, together with expertise in retail supply chain distribution & e-commerce.

The African Diamond Council (ADC) has also agreed to officially endorse our event activities in their effort to promote sustainable and ethical mining practices. Africa’s official diamond governing body works to promote and defend African diamond-producing nations providing surety for the fair treatment of miners and introducing stringent diamond sourcing practices for the global diamond industry.

DDC is the Future of Forever. ADC is the only reliable channel for real diamond mining entrepreneurs and projects in this industry. TAGS is the most transparent sales and marketing channel for selling rough diamond production.  We covered pretty much, from mine to the jeweler. DDC … encourages each attendee to take advantage of the boundless privileges that DDC membership offers.

Who are your main speakers at the event?

We have two royal family offices involved in the diamond business and diamond mining.

Diamond Innovators from Africa to share positive stories and their personal and global struggles to make a positive impact.

Diamantaires from technology laboratories to exploration projects. From the investment side, we have an investment banker and a lady with who we will be working on a diamond project Diamond Startups.

We want to focus this event on Zimbabwe and Liberia, as well as Angola. Surely, having a speaker, as ADC Chairman. brings all producing countries in the spotlight at once.

What is the level of interest in the event?


In the diamond industry, people are always interested in more cross-industry networking events, especially after the pandemic.

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